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Rosamond Christine

Christine Rosamond was born in Oakland in 1947 and then raised in the Los Angeles area. In 1972 at a street art fair in Los Angeles, a shy, self-taught artist displayed her first oil paintings. Rosamond was quickly discovered by an art publisher, who then exposed her paintings to the rest of the world. It only took six months for her to achieved national acclaim. By 1976 she had become –the most published artist in the world”, her published work selling in the millions.

Rosamondês paintings are noted for their economy of line and purity of subject matter, although her use of negative space, became her personal signature. This style immediately struck the public by inviting them to participate in the painting by completing the image themselves. This allows the public to individually identify with her work.

On March 26, 1994, at the height of her career, Rosamond drowned at the age of 46 in Big Sur, California. Rosamond spent her last years on the Monterey Peninsula, where her life and artistry blossomed. Her artistic legacy is forever preserved in her artwork. Her work is in more than forty galleries across the United States and her original paintings have been purchased for as much as $100,000.

ARTIST: Rosamond, Christine
SIZE: 36″ X 47.5″
PAPER: Serigraph on paper

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