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In 1969, Tim Cantor was born in a town north of San Francisco, California. When Tim was five years old, he inherited a box of oil paints and brushes from his great grandfather. By the age of sixteen, Tim Cantor had already accomplished having a one-man gallery exhibition, had a painting acquired for the White House in Washington DC, and had been awarded every art scholarship his town had to offer. But he turned down all of the college opportunities, and used the scholarships to finance traveling, for the next seven years, the west coast of the United States, displaying his art anywhere he could. Tim Cantor maintains that this time in his life was his true education.

Tim Cantor’s paintings have traveled the world in exhibitions in Athens, Tokyo, Singapore, Paris, Venice, and throughout the United States. It is thought that Tim Cantor holds the ideal combination of extraordinary talent, unpredictable intrigue, and great diversity to make him a timeless artist. Currently, Tim Cantor keeps to his studio and continues to make the world a more interesting place.

ARTIST: Cantor, Tim
SIZE: 45.5″ X 36″
PAPER: Serigraph on paper

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