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Bibbs Charles

Charles Bibbs is a native of Southern California; his exposure to African and Native American art is strongly reflected in his artwork. Charles Bibbsê artwork fuses African, Native American, and African American cultural themes, to make powerful, emotional cross-cultural statements. Using his heritage as inspiration, combined with both realism and fantasy, Charles has developed his own distinctive style. This style has a trademark viewpoint, looking up, that has lead to the exaggerated hands, feet, and height of Bibbs’ characters, that have a larger-than-life appearance.

Charles Bibbs states, “I want [the viewers] to realize that each piece of art is about them. It’s about the deep inner feelings of one person being pictured in a way that touches you.” Charles Bibbs wants to convey to the viewers of his artwork, that all of his paintings are a reflection of themselves.

ARTIST: Bibbs, Charles
SIZE: 33″ X 28″
PAPER: Serigraph on paper

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