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Beal LaShun

LaShun Beal currently lives in Houston, Texas. He was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1962. He has little formal art training and really considers himself to be a self-taught artist. Beal was adventurous in his youth and wanted to see the world, so he joining the United States Marines. The military gave him the opportunity to visit different countries and learn about their cultures.

Beales subject matter mainly revolves around the female form. His style or manner depicts the many differences of the African American women. Over the past, few years he’s developed his signature –universal women” character that has become his signature.

ARTIST: Beal, LaShun
SIZE: 33″ X 25″
PAPER: Giclee on Canvas

ARTIST: Beal, Lashun
SIZE: 25″ X 29″
PAPER: Serigraph on paper

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