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Fulfill your passion for art with our art rental program using Kolibri Art Gallery’s extensive collection of over 3,000 prints.

Kolibri’s Fine Art Rental program provides many benefits. Without tying up personal or business capital, art becomes an affordable luxury enhancing your home or workplace with all the beauty and magic that is art.

Below is a list of the other many benefits you get with our Fine Art Rental program.

  • We allow you to “try on” and live with the art before making a commitment or major investment.
  • Art rentals makes changing the look of your home or office easy.
  • Art can be exchanged for new prints every six months. Should you fall in love with your art and wish to purchase it, a 50% charge of the rental cost will be applied to the purchase price.
  • Rental costs are low, allowing for a large selection of art for a small outlay.
  • Art creates a stimulating enviroment and in the workplace brings energy, innovation and prestige. Welcome visitors, soothe patients, and stimulate ideas among colleagues. Fine art is utilized in an array of businesses, restaurants, healthcare providers, nonprofit organizations and more.
  • Our art can be rented for any special occasions such as parties and corporate events.

The price of the rental depends upon the retail value of the art piece and the rental duration period. Six month minimum rental period is required.

Please make your selections from our on-line gallery and read our “terms and conditions” page before having us send you the filled in form. Once you are ready, contact our office and we will send you the agreement form.

If you have any more questions or need assistance, please contact us.

Kolibri Rental Schedule

Full Purchase Price Monthly Rental Price
$1,000-1,499 $58.00
$1,500-1,999 $68.00
$2,000-2,499 $78.00
$2,500-2,999 $91.00
$3,000-3,499 $105.00
$3,500-3,999 $118.00
$4,000-4.499 $131.00
$4,500-4,999 $145.00
$5,000-5,499 $158.00
$5,500-5,999 $171.00
$6,000-6,499 $185.00
$6,500-6,999 $198.00
$7,000-7,499 $211.00
$7.500-7,999 $226.00

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